Sump Pump Safety and Performance Features to Consider

May 6, 2020

Many Denver-Boulder homeowners are probably familiar with sump pumps and why they’re important, but what you may not be aware of are all of the features that newer models have to offer. Even if you already have a sump pump in your home, it is still worth learning about these enhanced performance options, either for when it’s time to replace an aging pump, or if you desire greater protection and reliability from your system. If you live in an area where the water table or flooding conditions are changing, and now you need to have a sump pump installed in your home – or if you’re first learning about issues in a new home – this is a great chance to learn more.

Why Sump Pumps?

While we certainly enjoy the beautiful weather in the Colorado Front Range, our high elevation does come with its unique set of conditions. Substantial snowfalls, periods of heavy rain, changing water tables, and spring runoff are all reasons you may need to take action to protect your home from potential flooding, whether year-round or seasonal. Submersible sump pumps are, simply put, a water removal system for your basement or lowest level of your home. Residential sump pumps remove water entering your home before it has a chance to collect and cause damage to your home’s foundation, basement slab, framing, or any rooms or stored items downstairs. Equipment such as your furnace and water heater, as well as aspects of your home’s electrical system could even be compromised by a basement flood.

Does my home need a new sump pump?


Enhanced Safety and Performance Features

As sump pump technology continues to advance, a wider range of safety and performance features are now available. Whether your old sump pump needs replacing or if you’re installing one for the first time, knowing and understanding your options is an important step in deciding which model to have installed in your home. From water level and power-loss alarms to WiFi capability and more, newer models of sump pumps have plenty of enhancements worth considering.

Optional Features To Learn More About:
  • Overflow/water level alarm with backup batteries
  • Power loss alarm
  • Emergency backup pump that runs off a 12-volt marine battery in case of power failure, with a built-in charger
  • Emergency backup low-flow pump that runs off of water pressure
  • Dual-pump systems that provide features such as high-load capability, and emergency backup protection in case of pump failure
  • WiFi compatibility
  • 100% cast iron construction for maximum durability and quiet operation

With WiFi options, along with power and water level alarms, you can monitor the performance and status of your sump pump more easily and reliably than older, more basic systems. Upgrading to a new cast-iron sump pump will afford you the quietest, most durable operation and a longer lifespan for the pump housing. A variety of backup batteries for alarms and even for pumps are available to help protect against unforeseen power loss, and emergency backup pump options are also available.

Dual-pump systems are worth considering in cases where conditions indicate they might be a wise call. Some of the options offered by two-pump systems include: using one pump as a primary and the other as an emergency backup if the primary pump fails; utilizing both pumps in tandem when water volume is very high; and, alternate pump operation so that both pumps share the load instead of one wearing out much sooner than the other.

It is worth noting that if you have a relatively new sump pump in your home, but its design is very basic, some alarms may be available that can be retrofit on your pump, as opposed to having to replace the entire unit.

Maintaining Your Sump Pump Is Crucial

If you have a sump pump serving your home, having thorough routine maintenance performed on the system each year will help ensure that it does its job properly, efficiently, and reliably, whenever it’s needed. From the pump to the sump pit and liner, to the alarms, valving and discharge piping, annual inspection, cleaning and testing will help provide the performance you and your home need, and the peace of mind that goes with it. In the Denver-Boulder metro area, our highly skilled plumbers provide the care and attention to detail that you can count on. Annual visits can be included in our reasonably priced, valuable annual maintenance agreements.

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