The Benefits of Water Treatment Alkalizers

June 18, 2024

Similar to the field of indoor air quality, the water in our homes, which we consume and use in a wide variety of ways, continues to come under closer scrutiny as research and science uncover areas of potential concern – while at the same time developing strategies that can help ensure or improve our health. Proven products such as whole-house water softeners, point-of-use RO filters, and more, are helping to improve our quality of life and have carved a well earned niche in the residential market.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at water alkalizers, also known as acid neutralizers, and the benefits they may be able to provide for homeowners in the Denver-Boulder metro area.


What Are Home Water Alkalizers?

Current research has shown that the pH of the water you consume could have an impact on your health. Water alkalizers work to increase the pH level of your consumable water, helping to balance out the wide variety of acidic beverages and foods that we put into our bodies on a regular basis. The end game is to enable you to take advantage of the range of benefits that are becoming increasingly associated with alkaline water, helping to establish a more alkaline environment in your body.

A water treatment alkalizer consists of a replaceable, in-line cartridge water filter containing a specially designed, proprietary media. As the water flows through the media, its pH is increased.

Reverse osmosis water purification system under sink in a kitchen. Water cleaning system installation.

Where Is A Home Water Alkalizer Located?

Water alkalizers are normally installed in a point-of-use location, as opposed to attempting to treat all of the water entering the home. Rated flow rates of these products and placing unnecessary load on them are among the reasons for this. The primary location of an alkalizer is typically in the kitchen (in the cabinet below the sink), where water is most often drawn for cooking and drinking.

Some Helpful Background Info on pH:

The pH, or the measure of acidity or alkalinity of a liquid, runs along a scale from 0 (highly acidic, think battery acid) to 14 (highly caustic, like drain cleaner). For every shift of 1.0 in pH in either direction from neutral (7.0), the acid or alkaline strength is ten times greater. For example, a liquid with a pH of 5.0 is 10x more acidic than 6.0. You can see that as a pH measurement ranges up or down from neutral, the acidity or alkalinity level gets much stronger, pretty darn quick!
pH value scale chart for acid-alkaline solution. Acid-base balance infographic isolated on white background. Indicator for concentration of hydrogen ion in solution.

According to the EPA, “pure water,” with a pH of 7.0, is considered to be neutral. The range of 7.5 to 8.5 is often cited by water quality and health experts as the ideal pH level for water consumption, which is also the range frequently associated the potential benefits associated with alkaline water. Depending on the circumstances, water alkalizers may be used to produce a pH in the 9.0 range, to help establish the desired balance.

Of note, according to UCLA Health, the pH of blood in the human body is normally 7.365, a little on the basic side.

The Potential Benefits of Consuming Alkaline Water

The following list of the potential benefits of consuming alkaline water was compiled from a wide range of sources, and represents the prevailing opinion of many – but not all – reputable water quality experts in the field:

  • Acid neutralizer: Neutralize excessive acidity in your body, which can help reduce health issues such as inflammation and fatigue. Some health sources maintain that increased alkalinity in your body can help discourage certain types of cancers
  • Improved hydration: Enhances hydration of your body by helping it to absorb water more efficiently
  • Immune system support: Acts as an antioxidant, helping to reduce free radicals that may contribute to aging and susceptibility to certain diseases
  • Detoxification: Supports the body’s detoxification processes, helping it flush out toxins more effectively
  • Balance internal pH: Helps maintain a balanced internal environment
  • Enhanced energy: Potential increase in energy when consistently drinking alkaline water

The number of health and wellness authorities that subscribe to the above list of the potential benefits of consuming alkaline water continues to grow, and positive consumer feedback is steadily growing, as well. However, as alluded to above, there is not universal agreement.

For example, scientists and health experts at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, who focus closely on “hard science,” currently conclude that more research is needed in order to confirm these claims. The current state of discussion on the alkalizer topic is such that even our staff Water Quality Association (WQA) certified Master Water Specialist cannot officially endorse the above claims. This post simply presents a summary of the information that’s currently available regarding the potential benefits of consuming alkaline water on a regular basis. Do your research, and you be the judge!

Typical Home Water Alkalizer Installations

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As mentioned above, residential water alkalizers are normally installed in point-of-use locations, most commonly in the cabinet below the kitchen sink. As part of a comprehensive system, it’s not uncommon for an alkalizer to be installed in combination with a reverse-osmosis (RO) water filter, and potentially a carbon filter, as well.

Other common household locations for a water alkalizer may include a rec room bar, for example. Anywhere that you regularly consume household water is a potential candidate. Make note that in the same way that RO filters and instant hot water dispensers require a separate water tap installed by the sink, alkaline water is dispensed in the same fashion – as opposed to from the main faucet spigot.

What’s the Right pH Level for Your Home’s Water Supply?

Kitchen sink, dishwasher and drawers

Most experts seem to agree that a pH between 6.5 and 8.5 for a home’s water supply is best and safest for regular use. Of course, water below 7.0 is considered to be acidic, if only slightly, which as mentioned above, causes some authorities to narrow their recommended optimal pH range to between 7.5 and 8.5.

As for a pH levels above 8.5, water with a pH higher than 8.5 can take on a somewhat bitter taste, which is relatively easy to solve. Insofar as potential impacts on your home’s plumbing system, the pH would have to be extremely high, approaching 12.0 to 14.0, which is not typical in most residences and is considered to be very caustic, and would be accompanied by a range of greater concerns.

Our water quality team at Save Home Heat answers pH and related questions for our customers on a regular basis. Removing the confusion and mystery surrounding pH is one of the things that we do!

Alkalizer System Maintenance Basics

The maintenance needs of a home water alkalizer can vary depending on the specific situation and installation, but do not anticipate this being a once every couple of years or so proposition. Under what’s considered ‘normal usage’ conditions, the acid neutralizing media in most alkalizers should be replaced roughly every 12 months. The frequency is determined by routine pH testing of the water it produces, preferably along with the guidance of a qualified water quality specialist.

While you’re breaking in your water alkalizer, it’s important to regularly test the pH of your home’s water supply throughout the year. This will help you identify fluctuations due to seasonal changes, if any, and determine a baseline to work from, moving forward. Once you have more information, you can adjust your pH testing frequency and filter cartridge replacements to match your needs. This simple pH testing can be handled by many handy homeowners, and in the Denver-Boulder area, our team is glad to assist.

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Step One: Have Your Water Tested!

Plain and simple: Before you consider investing in a home water quality product or system, have your water tested first. This important initial step enables you to determine if you have any clearly identified issues that it would be wise to address as a priority, or if there are any areas of potential concern that you should be aware of.

We Now Handle All Aspects of Water Testing For Our Customers

Water Quality Assoc. logo-lg. vert. blue. blkServing homeowners in the Denver-Boulder area, our water quality team at Save Home Heat provides complete home water testing services. This may take the form of reliable, rudimentary onsite testing at your home, or our team working directly on your behalf with an accredited, state-certified laboratory. We now handle all the water testing paperwork and legwork for our customers, and all work performed by our water quality team is coordinated and supervised by our highly experienced, WQA-certified Master Water Specialist. Save Home Heat is now a member of the highly reputable, global organization the Water Quality Association.

Our Growing Line of Water Quality Services

Our water quality team at Save Home Heat Company continues to up our high level of water treatment services for Denver-Boulder area homeowners.

In addition to water treatment alkalizers, our growing line of products and services includes:

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  • Whole-house, standard & enhanced performance water softeners
  • Mitigation of unhealthy bacteria in a home’s water supply
  • Reverse osmosis (RO), point-of-use water filters
  • Filtration systems for chlorine, sediment, rust, heavy metals (including lead), and more
  • PFAS chemical water filters
  • Carbon filters for whole-house and point-of-use applications, including whole-house humidifiers – addressing taste and smell issues
  • Remineralizers for RO systems to replenish beneficial elements – without the impurities that were removed
  • Complete in-house and accredited laboratory water testing services – all coordinated for you by our team
  • And more!

For All Your Home Water Quality Needs in Denver-Boulder!

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Please reach out to us today to learn more about water alkalizers or any other water treatment product that you’re curious about. – or to schedule professional water testing for your home. If an installation quote is desired, it will be provided in a friendly, highly informative, low-pressure manner. All install quotes are free!

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