Trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

August 15, 2019

Kitchen Faucet UpgradeUpgrading the kitchen and bathroom faucets can transform the aesthetics of your home and provide an enhanced level of convenience and performance in your commonly used plumbing fixtures. Modern designs and new, efficient technology created with ease-of-use in mind have helped raise the bar for household plumbing.

Modern Technology

With advancements in design come new technologies that can completely change how you use your faucets. Among the most popular kitchen and bathroom sink innovations are touch-activated controls, which allow you to operate your faucet simply by making contact anywhere on the spout or handle. No more getting grease and grime on your kitchen faucets, simply brush an elbow the back of your hand against the faucet, and you’ll have a steady flow of water at your ready – and a great addition to the bathroom, as well.

Pre-set temperature and pressure controls for sinks and showers are another popular water-control option. Gone is the fiddling to get your shower adjusted just right. Another improvement that can be found in some higher-end new faucets are seals that use real diamonds to reduce leak points, and which go without developing leak issues for considerably longer than faucets with more traditional materials. Diamonds in faucets! What’ll they think of next??

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Contemporary and Classic Designs

These days, there’s a wide variety of sleek and elegantly designed faucets available to perfectly compliment any home interior. Some models, for example, feature geometric styling, using blends of rectangular and triangular shapes to fit contemporary households. Or, for more traditional tastes, simple, classical looking faucets, drawing inspiration from the Art Deco period, with smooth yet sophisticated designs, can also be found – of course, with modern internal components.

Kitchen Faucet by DeltaRegardless of what style faucet or shower control you prefer in your home, the broad range of durable, masterfully crafted products offered today are sure to have the perfect fit for you. If you’re getting tired of the aging faucets in your home and are starting to think about upgrading, consider browsing the quality various faucets available to you, or ask the experts at Save Home Heat Company to help you choose the best products for your home. We install Delta and other high-quality faucet brands and are glad to provide expert assistance installing customer-supplied faucets and shower controls.

Other Faucet Enhancements and Accessories

Some of the other popular faucet and shower control improvements available include:

  • High arc faucets for greater clearance from the sink – great for larger washing jobs (think pots, pans, serving bowls, and even arms!)
  • Pull-out and pull-down spray nozzles, for saving space and greater convenience at the kitchen sink
  • Single-handle water control arms
  • Automatic soap dispensers
  • Stainless steel construction

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