What You Need to Know about ENERGY STAR

August 25, 2015

While many homeowners are familiar with the ENERGY STAR label, fewer could tell you exactly what the program means, what it does, and the story behind it.

Energy StarFor those of you who don’t know, ENERGY STAR is a program organized between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy that promotes the preservation of our planet and helps fight climate change by conserving energy. Though the program’s initiative is to conserve energy and combat climate change, it can also help you save boatloads of money each year by decreasing the amount you spend on heating and cooling energy.

Most homeowners don’t always think to cut expenses by upgrading their heating systems (or air conditioners, toasters, refrigerators, ceiling fans…) but it is a great way to put money back in your pockets.

How is the ENERGY STAR label awarded?

Products can display the ENERGY STAR label only after they have been tested by third-party labs recognized by the EPA and outside the control of the manufacturer. Every new model—even if past models were approved—needs to be tested to ensure that they meet the ENERGY STAR standards. ENERGY STAR groups products into 70 categories, and each category has varying standards that need to be met if they want to become certified.

While we’re used to seeing the ENERGY STAR label on appliances, entire homes can be certified as ENERGY STAR efficient as well. These certified homes use anywhere from 15–30% less energy than a typical new home without sacrificing comfort and quality.

When and Why Was the Program Created?

The ENERGY STAR program was created in 1992 as part of the Clean Air Act. The goal was to conduct research that would help create technology to reduce air pollution, which was met with massive success. In 2005, the Energy Policy Act was created that amended the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. The goal here was to increase energy efficiency technology in products and buildings to help stymy pollution, prevent further damage to our planet, and drastically reduce our consumption of energy. Put simply, people recognized the amount of damage we were inflicting on our environment and took action to reduce that damage.

How to Save Money, Energy, and Our Environment

According to the ENERGY STAR website, over the past 20 years (as of the end of 2013) the program has saved families and businesses over $295 billion in energy costs and prevented over 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

If you want to learn more about ENERGY STAR home comfort products or find some for your very own home, look no further. We can help you find heating and cooling systems that will save you money year after year by cutting down on the energy you use. Even if you already have ENERGY STAR equipment in your home, we can still help improve your energy efficiency through expert regular maintenance and upkeep. Most people aren’t aware that failing to perform routine annual maintenance can lead to a lot of wasted energy (and money) day after day.

Instead of using inefficient, outdated, and antiquated products that gobble up energy and put a dent in your wallet, consider protecting the future of our planet with ENERGY STAR certified equipment. Contact us today for a free installation quote!