What’s The Latest In Programmable Thermostats?

July 5, 2016

Programmable thermostats have existed for some time, but manufacturers like Honeywell, Lennox and others continue to add new features and update their controls. If you haven’t upgraded to one of the newer programmable thermostats, consider these latest advancements in thermostat technology and convenience:


Honeywell smart thermostatWhile you might have gotten used to the clunky pushbuttons on older thermostats, touchscreen models offer the ergonomic benefit of operating the control at the touch of your finger, just like your smart phone. The touchscreen allows for greater ease in maneuvering the newer controls’ expanded capabilities and enhanced features.

Touchscreens also reduce user errors and make programming your thermostat quicker and easier, due to their improved viewing screens. The latest models come with large interfaces that won’t leave you squinting in confusion, and many of the full-color models are attractive additions to your collection of digital devices.


Motion sensors are no longer just for detecting intruders. Some programmable thermostats come with occupancy sensing, which means they detect when your family arrives home and adjust the temperature to suit your preferences. These so-called smart thermostats follow regular programming, but they also suit flexible schedules. If you return home early from work in the winter, for instance, and you’ve set the thermostat to a cooler temperature to save money during the day, an occupancy-sensing programmable thermostat will increase the temperature automatically when it detects your arrival.

Controls and Alerts

Lennox smart thermostatMost people associate programmable thermostats with interior temperature, but modern models offer far more functionality. For instance, if you have a compatible whole-home humidifier or air purifier, you can control those devices from your thermostat. Similarly, some homes, typically those with hot water baseboard or radiant floor, have zoned systems that give you multiple areas of comfort control. With certain WiFi programmable thermostats, you can adjust temperatures across multiple zones from one device.

Additionally, many modern models can alert the user when the HVAC system needs maintenance or when it’s time to change the air filter. If you don’t properly maintain your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or other HVAC equipment, you can cause excessive wear and tear, and potentially shorten the unit’s life span, in addition to hampering its effectiveness and efficiency.

Some thermostats also display outdoor air temperatures or even the upcoming weather forecast. You can use this data to adjust your programming for increased comfort and energy efficiency.

Remote Access

A remote-access thermostat is WiFi–enabled, allowing you to access your thermostat even when you’re not at home — just download the device’s associated app to your mobile device. For instance, if you forget to change the programming when you leave on vacation, or have a sudden change of plans, just pull up the app and enable the setting remotely. How’s that for on-the-go convenience!

Some of the new programmable thermostats also come with remote, portable capability, as opposed to a traditional control screwed to the wall. Imagine, instead of getting out of bed or up from the couch to change the temperature setting, just reach out for the remote to make your adjustments. Couch Potatoes, beware!

Alternatively, with some models, you can use your mobile device around the house or in the yard to make updates.

Learn More!

The latest residential programmable thermostats offer far more features than their ancestors. If you want to make your home comfort system as efficient, comfortable, and convenient as possible, consider upgrading to one of these ‘modern’ models so that you can reap these newest benefits. We recommend that you contact your trusted home comfort team to learn more about your options, and to get professional advice on what makes sense for your home and family.