Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatIf you’re getting ready to upgrade your home’s comfort systems, add on to your home, or purchase some new ‘smart’ appliances, consider the value of increasing your electrical safety by installing a whole home surge protector. Although it may not be the first thing on your mind, protecting your home from the damage of electrical surges can be crucial for Arvada, CO residents. A power surge protector can play a major part in keeping your home’s electrical system running smoothly and reducing the risk of damage to appliances and electrical devices, including your refrigerator, HVAC systems, security systems, and more. If you’re considering the possible benefits of installing a power surge protector in your home, Save Home Heat Company can provide exceptional service and expertise to help you select the best option for your home.

We are dedicated to helping homeowners in Arvada and surrounding communities make the right decisions for your home and unique circumstances. When it comes to electrical power surges impacting your home, you can turn to our electrical team with confidence to provide you with professionally installed, high quality electrical surge protection devices.

Why Should You Consider a Power Surge Protector?

Arvada homeowners are no strangers to electrical storms during the warm summer months. In an area where extreme weather is fairly common, whole home surge protectors are a great investment to consider, to provide a level of electrical protection for your home beyond your electrical service panel, circuit breakers, and portable power strips.

Whole Home Surge Protectors in Arvada

When a significant electrical surge occurs, excessive electricity can run through the wiring and devices in an electrical circuit, causing costly damage in a variety of ways, including to appliances plugged into outlets in the circuit, as well as those hardwired into your electrical system. Depending on the nature of the electrical surge, a properly specified, professionally installed whole-home surge protector can help minimize or entirely avoid potentially costly damage. Think for a moment about all the ‘smart’ appliances and devices that inhabit our homes!

While most homeowners usually associate electrical surges with lightning storms, surges are often associated with a variety of other sources, and on a year-round basis. In fact, electrical surges can even originate from inside your home. There may be more risk than you think.

Common External Sources of Electrical Surges:

  • Downed or damaged utility lines
  • Utility grid transfers
  • Intentional power outages
  • Lightning strikes*

*There is no reliable protection against a direct lightning strike.

Internal Sources of Electrical Surges Include:

  • High electrical draw appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, AC compressors, furnace fans, shop tools, and garage openers – turning on & off
  • Damaged wiring
  • Overloaded outlets

Some electrical symptoms that might point in the direction of potentially harmful internal electrical surges include brief dimming of lights when an appliance turns on, regular tripping of circuit breakers, discolored electrical outlets, or a humming sound from the electrical panel.

Licensed Master Electrician - Save Home HeatIf you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend making a call to your trusted electrician asap. In the Denver-Boulder area, we hope that call will be to our team at Save Home Heat.

How Do Whole Home Power Surge Protectors Work?

It is estimated by many sources that the typical family possesses at least $15,000 worth of electrical items in their home. Whether a conservative number or not, this includes everything from your phone and coffee maker to bigger purchases such as sound systems and refrigerators. It’s easy to see that one significant power surge could potentially take down lots of expensive belongings and appliances.

Eaton Surge Protecter

Simply put, a whole-home surge protector helps safeguard your residence and your electrically powered devices by detecting and diverting excessive electrical current away from your home and electrical system and into the ground away from the house by means of your electrical system’s ground wire. It doesn’t matter if the source of the surge is from external factors or if it originates inside your home.

What Is a Whole Home Surge Protector?

Eaton Surge Protector Installations in Arvada


A good quality power strip style of surge protector provides a basic level of electrical surge protection, but in many cases that simply is not enough protection. Also keep in mind that many devices and appliances in your home cannot easily plug into these types of surge protectors. Regardless, in either case, a whole-home surge protector will provide an additional, even greater level of electrical protection. This could be the difference between incurring major damage or simply resetting circuit breakers.

A whole-home surge protector is a relatively compact device that normally installs in close proximity to your home’s main electrical service panel and connects to your electrical system in such a fashion that when it senses spikes in current either from internal or external sources, that current is directed away from the home, ‘to ground.’

Whole home surge protectors are classified as a Type 2 electrical device, meaning they are connected permanently to the service panel. For the ultimate electrical surge defense, surge protectors can also be installed safeguarding specific appliances or circuits. In combination with a whole house surge protector, this double-pronged approach is best.

Our electrical team at Save Home Heat Company is experienced and well equipped to help you choose the level of electrical surge protection that you feel most comfortable with for your home. Our expert advice and recommendations are always offered in an informative, low-pressure manner. No agendas, no sales hype, ever.

Trusted Team for Reliable Power Surge Protectors in Arvada

Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain - IECRMInstalling an enhanced electrical surge protection system for your Arvada home will provide the optimal level of electrical protection for you and your valuable belongings. Whether it’s a lightning strike several blocks away, surges caused by work on electrical lines in the neighborhood, or a major appliance, you can count on our electrical team at Save Home Heat Company to match you with a whole-home surge protection system that’s the right fit for you. It could be just the ‘insurance policy’ you’re looking for!

At Save Home Heat, we’re dedicated to listening carefully to our customers, looking out for their best interests, and providing exceptional products and service in all the home services we provide – all in a friendly, stress-free fashion.

For more information about power surge protectors or to receive a low-pressure quote for a whole home surge protector in Arvada, please contact our team today.

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