Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatElectrical safety isn’t always top of mind when you’re thinking about the comforts and conveniences of home. But for homeowners in Lakewood, CO and surrounding communities, it’s important both to your personal safety, as well as protecting your investment in your home and the valuable appliances and devices you have there. One of the ways you can help protect your home is with the installation of a whole-house electrical surge protector, which provides a blanket level of protection against excessive electrical current entering your system and potentially causing damage in a variety of ways.

Electrical storms, utility outages, and major appliances inside your home can all cause power surges. Depending on the surge, your system may be able to handle the sudden increase in electrical current that may result. But if not, then the risks of damage to devices and appliances exposed to that overload, as well as to components in your electrical system, are a very real possibility. For reliable, professional advice and clear information about whole-home surge protectors, our electrical team at Save Home Heat Company can help you decide if installing one makes sense for you and your home.

Why Should You Consider a Power Surge Protector?

Living in the Lakewood area, it’s likely that you’ve experienced electrical storms at times during the summer months, and you may even have been impacted by a lightning strike near your home, with power surges that may have resulted. (We hope nothing too close!)

Whole Home Surge Protectors in Lakewood

A power surge occurs when an excessive amount of electrical current enters a home’s electrical system, potentially overloading the capacity of the system’s breakers and wiring. Depending on the magnitude and duration of the surge, the potential result could be damage to electrical consuming appliances and devices that are plugged in at the time of the surge, as well as damage to components in the electrical system. Take a moment to think about the many ‘smart’ devices and appliances in your home.

While many homeowners typically connect electrical surges with electrical storms, surges are often associated with a variety of other sources, both external as well as inside of your home, and on a year-round basis, not just during the warm months. There may be more risk than you thought.

Common External Sources of Electrical Surges:

  • Downed or damaged utility lines
  • Utility grid transfers
  • Intentional power outages
  • Lightning strikes*

*There is no reliable protection against a direct lightning strike.

Internal Sources of Electrical Surges Include:

  • High electrical draw appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, AC compressors, furnace fans, shop tools, and garage openers – turning on & off
  • Damaged wiring
  • Overloaded outlets

Some of the symptoms that might point in the direction of internal electrical surges occurring include dimming of lights when a major appliance turns on, discolored outlets, regular tripping of circuit breakers, or even a humming sound from the service panel.

Licensed Master Electrician - Save Home HeatIf you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you should call your trusted electrician asap. In the Denver-Boulder area, Save Home Heat will respond to your call with professional service.

How Do Power Surge Protectors Work?

It’s estimated by many insurance industry sources say that the typical family has more than $15,000 worth of electrical appliances and devices sitting in their home. Whether or not this is a conservative number, this includes everything from your furnace and air conditioner, sound systems, refrigerator, convection oven washer and dryer, computers, and much more. Stop for a moment to consider the damage that one major electrical power surge in your home could potentially wreak.

Eaton Surge Protecter

Without too much electrical jargon and heavy detail, simply put, a whole-house electrical surge protector helps safeguard your home and your valuable investments by detecting and diverting excessive electrical current away from your home and electrical system into the ground away from the house, by means of your electrical system’s ground wire. This is regardless of whether surge originates inside or outside of your home.

What Is a Whole Home Surge Protector?

Eaton Surge Protector Installations in Lakewood


While good quality surge protector power strips do provide a level of protection, there are may well be times when that’s just not enough. And remember, many appliances such as a refrigerator or a convection oven normally cannot plug into those types of surge strips. So whether you’re using a portable surge strip or not, a whole-house surge protector provides an additional, greater level of blanket protection for everything in your home that consumes electricity. This could prove to be the difference simply resetting ‘thrown’ breakers or incurring costly damage.

A whole-house electrical surge protector is a compact device that installs close by, or is attached directly to your home’s main electrical panel. When an electrical current surge is detected by the surge protector, the device directs the excessive current away from the home, ‘to ground.’

Whole-house surge protectors are known as Type 2 electrical devices, which means that they are permanently connected to the service panel and an integral part of your electrical system. For even greater electrical surge protection, a permanent surge protector may also be installed to safeguard specific appliances or circuits in the home. Used in tandem with a whole-house surge protector, this layered approach provides the ultimate in surge protection.

Our highly experienced, expert electrical team at Save Home Heat is prepared to assist you in choosing the level of surge protection that you feel is the right fit for your home. Our professional recommendations and advice are always offered in an informative, low-pressure, friendly manner. Squarely focused on your input and your best interests. No sales hype, ever.

Your Trusted Team for Reliable Power Surge Protectors in Lakewood

Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain - IECRMOur team at Save Home Heat Company is dedicated to providing high quality products and service that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our business model is based on listening carefully to our customers, providing ample amounts of information, and answering all questions patiently and fully, so that our customers can making purchasing decisions they’ll feel good about for many years to come. All in a friendly, low-pressure manner.

For more information about whole-house power surge protectors, or to receive a low-pressure installation quote, please call our team today!

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