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Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatWhen it comes to improving your residential water quality with whole-house water softeners and water filters, the team that Arvada, CO trusts is Save Home Heat Company. We’ve been assisting Denver-Boulder area homeowners to improve their quality of life in a wide variety of ways since 1979.

Our highly experienced plumbing department can help you identify and resolve potential issues in your water supply and allow you to enjoy the many benefits that having a water softener, a whole-house water filter, or a combination of both systems can provide.

Water Softeners vs. Water Filters

While whole-house water softeners and whole-house water filtration systems both address potential household water quality issues, they deal with different aspects of your home’s water supply.

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Whole-House Water Softeners

Aqua Serve Water Softener Installation in Boulder, CO - Save Home HeatWater softeners are designed with the specific task of removing minerals in your water that result in limescale—in our region, the culprits are often compounds of calcium and magnesium. This condition is commonly referred to as ‘hard water.’ Whole-house water softeners are designed specifically to address hard water issues.

The problems that hard water can cause are numerous, ranging from dry skin and hair to soap scum deposits in your sinks and tubs, white powder deposits on faucet and showerhead aerators, to potential damage to appliances such as washing machines, ice, and water dispensers, and dishwashers, to name a few. The performance and lifespan of your water heater can also be compromised. In addition, hard water can be harsh on the water delivery network in your home’s plumbing system, shortening the serviceable life of the very pipes that deliver water all-around your home.

Whole-House Water Filters

Whole House Filter

Whole-house water filters, inline products rated to handle the water flowrate needs of your entire home, can address the removal of a different variety of contaminants than softeners. Inline water filters can remove sediment, rust, pesticides, and a broad range of other unwanted chemicals from your water. These products can also address taste and odor issues with your water. Inline water filter systems can be custom-tailored to solve the specific issues present in your home’s water.

Substances that could be found in your water:
  • Chlorine (commonly present from municipal water treatment)
  • Organic chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Plant hormones and fertilizers
  • Carbon
  • Sulfate
  • Phosphorous
  • Arsenic
  • Fluoride

While point-of-use water filters can do a good job of improving the water quality you get at your tap, they don’t fully address all potential water quality concerns. These products are limited in the range of contaminants they can address and don’t provide protection for your entire home—leaving you potentially vulnerable in many important areas where they aren’t employed.

Water Conditioners & RO Water Filters

Vertex IsoTwist Reverse-Osmosis Water Filter - Save Home Heat

Whole home water conditioners are a water treatment option that combines the benefits of having both a whole house water filter and a water softener. Albeit less effective than having each of those products independently, a whole home water conditioner still provides improved water quality. This is a great option to consider when water quality issues aren’t of major concern, yet the benefits of both a filter and softener are desirable. You can also depend on our team to install high quality point-of-use reverse osmosis (RO) water filters. These are great filtration solutions for a wide range of spots around your home.

These point-of-use RO water filters are especially useful in kitchens and master bathrooms where you see a majority of water use. RO water filters are a great addition to your whole house water treatment system, and provide exceptionally clean water. When used together with a whole home water system, these point-of-use products won’t require maintenance as often.

Arvada Water Testing and Solutions

Your first step in addressing potential water quality concerns is to have your water tested. This allows our team to analyze your household water and inform you to what actions we feel may be in your best interests. While our municipal water treatment systems do a good job of providing safe water to our homes, they do not remove all levels of all potential contaminants – and federal water quality standards continue to change as scientists and health officials learn more about the potential long-term effects of those particles and molecules. The experienced team at Save Home Heat Company provides in-house water testing, and we also maintain relationships with outside laboratories for more advanced water analysis, if needed.

After you know what’s in your water, the next step is to determine which product or products will best address your issues. Sometimes just one system may be warranted, while in other cases, both a water softener and an inline water filter may be desirable. Our plumbing team will provide you professional recommendations in an informative, low-pressure manner so that you can make educated decisions that you feel comfortable with.

Arvada’s Trusted Water Quality Team

With decades of high-quality service to Arvada homeowners, you can trust our highly skilled plumbers at Save Home Heat Company for the best in whole-house water softeners and whole-house water filters. Our team will help you better understand what’s in your water and provide you with proven solutions to improve the safety and quality of your home’s water supply. You can count on us to provide professional installation and reliable service and annual maintenance for years to come. To learn more, or to request an in-home water quality consultation and a free installation quote, please contact us today.

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