Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Controls in Our Product Line

November 28, 2023

Wi-Fi connectivity is now part of our everyday lives – for better or for worse. Fortunately, we’re not here to debate that subject. Instead, our focus in this post by our team at Save Home Heat Company is familiarizing our readers with Wi-Fi control options across our current product line. These options range from home electrical, to heating and cooling, to hot water products, all available from established, reputable manufacturers we represent.

One of the nice things we’re seeing is that Wi-Fi connectivity and smart phone control is optional (albeit with enhanced features available on the phone), so that each of our customers can find their own personal comfort zone when it comes to controlling their different systems. So without further delay, onward into the future of home controls!

What Are Wi-Fi Enabled Home Controls?

Technology is steadily making its way into many parts of our lives, and home comfort and convenience is no different. In brief, Wi-Fi home controls refer to systems in your home that can be monitored and controlled remotely from a smart phone, typically by means of a downloadable, free app provided by the manufacturer. These apps often supply supplementary, expanded control options.

Products We Offer with Optional Wi-Fi Connectivity

From electrical to heating, cooling, and hot water, there are several products we regularly install that have Wi-Fi connectivity as an option. Indoor and outdoor lighting controls, whole-home electrical panels, heating and cooling thermostats, and a growing number of water heaters are all part of this mini-revolution. All the controls we’ll mention here feature state-of-the-art digital programming and a broad range of additional features.

Wi-Fi Enabled Home Electrical Products

Leviton is one of the most established and reputable electrical manufacturers in the industry. We’d like to feature two of their products that are steadily growing in popularity with our customers.

Leviton Smart Electrical Panels

Leviton load centers, also known as smart electrical panels, are carving a growing niche in the home electrical system market for many good reasons. Foremost among these are the ability to more easily manage your home’s electrical consumption (i.e. work on lowering your utility bill), and enhanced levels of electrical safety. 

When installed with Leviton’s smart breakers in the panel and Wi-Fi connected to your smart phone, these whole-home electrical service panels provide an unparalleled range of options for monitoring and managing your home’s electrical system, including individual circuits.

Using the My Leviton app on your smart phone, you can view system status in real-time, track energy usage, receive alerts and updates, control smart circuit breakers remotely, access enhanced diagnostics on breaker trips, receive notifications about circuits that aren’t drawing power like they should be, and more.

Control Lighting & More with Leviton Decora Smart

Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi provides the ability to remotely control indoor and outdoor lighting, and much more, from your smart phone. Using smart electrical plugs, outlets and switches, this comprehensive, versatile system also allows you to control a wide variety of “connected” devices and appliances from your phone. Other options include smart dimmer switches and fan speed controls. The Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi system uses the My Leviton app and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit/Siri.

Leviton Decora Smart - phone with indoor lighting background

Standby Backup Generators with Wi-Fi, Too!

Not to be forgotten in the bigger picture, our electrical team also installs whole-home, standby, backup electrical generators. Generac is the brand we install most often, followed by Kohler and others. Many generators now offer Wi-Fi connectivity and remote smart phone control through proprietary apps. Features that you may have available include viewing real-time operating status, checking battery voltage and oil levels, diagnostics, alerts, maintenance reminders, and more.

Wi-Fi Compatible Heating & Cooling Thermostats

Here’s a brief overview of the Wi-Fi optional thermostats that our team uses regularly for heating and cooling applications. Whether for a central forced air furnace, comfort zones on a boiler system, a central or mini-split heat pump, or even a product such as an indoor radiant cove heater, Wi-Fi connectivity is here. Read on to learn more.

S40 Smart Thermostat from Lennox

The S40 is a multi-feature, Wi-Fi enabled thermostat used by our team primarily for controlling Lennox furnaces, central heat pumps, and central AC systems. This premium 7-day programmable thermostat features filter service reminders, monthly energy reports (system run-time), remote monitoring and troubleshooting, adaptive scheduling and GPS options, humidifier control, dual fuel system capability, weather forecast connectivity, and more. The S40 uses the Lennox Smart Thermostat app and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Control4.

Honeywell’s T6 Pro Smart Thermostat

Honeywell - Save Home HeatThe T6 Wi-Fi Pro Smart Thermostat is our most common Honeywell temperature control for a wide range of heating and cooling applications, including furnaces and central AC, zoned hot water boiler systems, and central heat pumps. Smart phone control is available through the Resideo app, and the unit is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. While not offering all the bells and whistles of other smart thermostats, the T6 Wi-Fi Pro features up to 7-day programming and a still impressive array of control options (including geo-fencing, adaptive, and manual control). To avoid potential confusion, for our purposes in the residential market the brand names Resideo and Honeywell Home are essentially the same company and products.

Google Nest Thermostats

Our team also installs the Nest Wi-Fi Pro thermostat line, which is currently only available through HVAC wholesalers and distributors. For use with central systems such as furnaces, boilers, and central heat pumps, Nest Wi-Fi Pro features include adaptive smart scheduling technology, several home/away control options, and of particular note, improved speed and coverage compared to previous Google Nest Wi-Fi controls. Apps that are currently available to control Nest thermostats are the Home or Nest app, depending on the specific model.

Mitsubishi Electric basic logo

Controlling Mitsubishi Mini-Split Heat Pumps & More

Mitsubish modern living, bright living room-compact image (1)

Mitsubishi offers a variety of versatile, user-friendly, handheld and wall-mounted digital controls for controlling their mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners. Most of our mini-split customers seem to be quite happy simply using the handheld remote thermostat that comes standard with most of the systems our team installs. For homeowners interested in smart phone control, which provides enhanced alerts, self-help for minor issues, and more, Mitsubishi uses the Kumo Cloud app, which is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

ComfortCove by RadiantSystems logo

Comfort Cove Radiant Heater Thermostats

Comfort Cove is our team’s go-to indoor infrared radiant heater. We often use these products to provide supplementary heat for chilly rooms, or independent zoned heating for applications such as basement finishes and additions – as well as for replacing old electric baseboard heaters or other less-than-desirable existing systems. These compact and unobtrusive, versatile, silent, effective, electric-powered heaters are a steadily growing “green” heating option. A variety of specific models of thermostats, from Comfort Cove, are approved for use on these indoor radiant heaters. For Wi-Fi control, a wireless kit is required, which includes a gateway router, wireless adapter, and a compatible Honeywell programmable thermostat. As with the Mitsubishi systems, these Wi-Fi kits are not a big seller with our customers.

Wi-Fi Connected Water Heaters

Moving on to the domestic hot water we use for cleaning, bathing, and more, it’s no surprise that some of the more efficient and advanced water heaters we install are also helping to lead the way in Wi-Fi connectivity. Here’s the two Wi-Fi compatible water heaters we currently install regularly:

Heat pump water heater - Rheem with wifi

Rinnai tankless red logo

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai tankless water heaters feature a range of onboard digital controls and diagnostic features, and many models in their broad line are Wi-Fi enabled. Smart phone connected features include temperature control, real-time status, the ability to create custom schedules, and maintenance alerts. Wi-Fi connectivity is achieved by adding Rinnai’s accessory Control-R Wi-Fi module and using the Rinnai Central Mobile app.

Rheem heat pump water heater - EcoNet logo

Rheem Heat Pump Water Heaters

The line of ProTerra Hybrid Electric heat pump water heaters from Rheem features built-in, optional Wi-Fi connectivity and smart phone control using the EcoNet app. Smart phone features include adjusting temperature remotely, changing the operating mode (vacation mode and others), creating schedules, monitoring energy usage, leak detection, checking hot water availability, viewing diagnostics, and receiving mobile alerts.

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