Save Home Heat Company (SHH) may be providing you with advance payment of an Xcel Energy (Xcel) rebate that you would have otherwise have needed to process on your own. If an Xcel rebate will be provided to you in advance, by signing below you assert that the following statements are true and agree to the following conditions:

I am the owner of the property for which the rebate is being provided. The associated gas and/or electric utility account(s) are in my name. Or, if this is a rental property, I agree that I am responsible for collecting all information and signatures from the tenant, as needed, on or before the date the work is performed, to allow SHH to collect the rebate directly from Xcel.

I will complete all rebate paperwork as needed on a timely basis to designate SHH as the alternate beneficiary, so that SHH can receive the rebate on my behalf.

I will diligently provide all documents, information, and support needed to allow SHH to process the rebate on a timely basis.

I will provide timely access to the home at which the equipment was installed, both before and after the installation of the equipment, as needed, to allow SHH to perform any testing or information gathering that is required to process the rebate (primarily applicable to the air conditioner rebate).

I understand and agree that if I do not provide the access and/or information that is outlined above, or it is subsequently learned that I provided inaccurate information, and SHH is unable to recover the rebate, then the rebate amount previously provided to me in advance will become immediately due and payable to SHH, and that I will remit payment to SHH promptly upon notification.

By signing below, I agree to these terms and conditions

Xcel Rebate Acknowledgement

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