Battery-Backup Sump Pump Systems Make Sense To Consider

May 20, 2024

As homeowners in the Denver-Boulder metro area are well aware, spring storms and other unforeseen circumstances can take down your home’s power for extended periods of time. When it comes to proper home drainage, at this time of year in particular, the impact of such an event can be significant for many homeowners.

Consider those of us who experience water table issues around and under our homes, often associated with springtime snowmelt and runoff. In these homes, a sump pump system may need to be relied on consistently for an extended period of time during the spring. In addition, some of us require the help of a sump pump throughout much of the year. If your power goes down for even a couple of days, this could translate to concerns about your foundation and framing, valuables, and other critical systems – potentially including your home’s indoor air quality.

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Zoeller Pump Company - Sump Pump Installation Services

In this post, our plumbing team at Save Home Heat Company will discuss battery-backup sump pump systems, featuring the products manufactured by Zoeller Pump Company that we install regularly, and how this upgrade would work in your home.

What Is a Battery-Backup Sump Pump?

A standard, conventional, 120 volt AC sump pump is normally powered by a home’s electrical system. In the case of a power outage, of course, a conventional sump pump will not operate.

Plain and simple, a battery-backup sump pump is an auxiliary, battery-powered sump pump, installed in addition and adjacent to the primary pump. Its primary function is to take over sump pump operation from the conventional sump pump in the case of a power failure.

The primary components of a battery-backup sump pump system include:

  • A marine grade, sealed, DC voltage, battery-powered sump pump
  • A conventional, AC voltage primary sump pump (pre-existing or newly installed)
  • Heavy duty marine battery to power the backup pump
  • Special housing for the marine battery
  • System controller
  • Check valve and float switches
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Battery-Backup Sump Pump Operation

If you experience a power outage, the backup pump system controller has sensors that notify it to automatically switch operation from the primary pump to the battery-powered backup pump. Conditions such as high-water and no power are detected, and the controller responds as needed.

In the case of the Zoeller brand system that our plumbing team at Save Home Heat regularly installs, according to the manufacturer, under normal operating conditions the backup battery is rated to provide power for approximately 6 hours of continuous operation — equal to about two days of what Zoeller defines as normal function.

Can A Battery-Powered Sump Pump Be Added To an Existing System?

sump pump - Zoeller model 53 primary 120v

The answer to the above question is yes! Our team offers battery-backup sump pump systems to accommodate a variety of homeowner needs in the Denver-Boulder area. These include: 1) supplementing an existing system’s conventional 120 volt sump pump with a battery-backup pump, including battery, controls, wiring, and valving; 2) replacing an aging or unreliable existing sump pump with both a conventional primary pump and a backup pump, including all of the above components; and 3) installing an entirely new sump pump system, complete with primary and battery-back pumps, sump pit, all necessary components – plus discharge piping to the outdoors.

Zoeller Is Our Preferred Sump Pump Brand

The Zoeller Pump Company provides a broad selection of quality, battery-backup sump pump packages. Here’s a quick look at the two most common systems from Zoeller that our team installs, featured in their AquaNot Spin 508 Battery Backup Systems product line:

Zoeller 508-0005 battery-backup kit
  • AquaNot Spin #508-0005:

    A complete 2-pump package (less marine battery, which is sold separately), including a 120 volt AC conventional primary sump pump, a 12 volt DC battery-powered backup pump, battery housing, system controller, internal wiring, and appropriate valving. This kit is commonly used for new sump pump system installations, and also in cases where the existing primary pump needs to be replaced.

  • AquaNot Spin #508-0006:

    This package is used when adding a battery-backup sump pump to an existing system whose primary pump works fine, is in acceptable condition, and doesn’t need to be replaced. This package includes the same components as the #508-0005, except that it doesn’t include a primary sump pump.

Marine backup battery:

As mentioned above, a marine grade, sealed, 12 volt DC backup battery is required with either kit and is supplied separately. These batteries are available from Zoeller, and may also be obtained thru boating supply or specialty battery vendors. Our team at Save Home Heat takes care of all these details for our customers.

The AquaNot Spin 508 System Provides Enhanced Features

sump pump - 508 FIT cutaway closeupThe Zoeller AquaNot Spin 508 is a premium battery-backup sump pump system that offers many high quality and customer friendly features, including:

  • A high performance, double-sealed, marine grade backup battery, rated for 6 hours of continuous performance (2 days of normal operation)
  • The ability to provide reliable, powerful backup pumping during a power failure, and also automatically assist the primary pump in the event of high-flow events, if needed
  • The 12 volt, battery-powered marine backup pump is rated a very impressive 34 gallons per minute
  • Has a self-testing, smart controller with built-in diagnostic logic that monitors the battery charging system in real time, 24/7
  • The system controller routinely, automatically tests pump operation and switch connections
  • System contains built-in battery burnout and overcharge protection
  • Audible alerts to notify you of the following conditions: power outage/restored, pump activation and cycling, pump fault or airlocked condition, battery maintenance reminder, and more

For Wi-Fi connected homeowners who desire the option to monitor and manage their home systems and appliances from their smart phone, our team recommends the AquaNot 508 FIT system from Zoeller to meet this demand.

Expert Sump Pump Services in Denver-Boulder

Master Plumber Logo - redWhether it’s time for a routine inspection and maintenance of your existing sump pump system, or if you’d like to learn about options for adding a battery-powered backup pump – or even if you need an entirely new installation – in the Boulder-Denver metro area, please contact our friendly team at Save Home Heat Company for professional, dependable service. Installation quotes are always highly informative, low-pressure, and free!

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