Outstanding Boiler Repair and Installation in Golden

Triangle Tube Prestige Solo Boiler - Save Home HeatWith over 40 years of experience performing home boiler repair, maintenance, and replacements in Golden, CO and surrounding communities, Save Home Heat Company is a dependable, high quality choice for all of your boiler service needs. We are well-versed with both standard and high efficiency boilers ranging from traditional cast iron equipment to the latest in proven innovations and high efficiency designs. Our plumbing department draws from our extensive experience and steady training to provide reliable, professional recommendations for repairs, maintenance, and boiler replacements that will exceed your expectations.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - A+ Rating | Save Home HeatDrawing on our decades of experience to bring a valued perspective when it comes to performing each boiler installation or service in Golden, our customers trust our team to help them make informed decisions that are right for their specific situations. You can expect our plumbing department to answer all of your questions in a helpful, patient, friendly, low-pressure manner, and provide you with all the information you need to make a decision that you’ll feel good about, now for years to come.

Multiple Comfort Zones: A Highlight of Hot Water Heating

Energy Star HVAC ProductsIf your home is heated by a central hot water boiler, you likely receive heating through baseboard heaters installed on walls in many rooms, or via radiant tubing installed in or below your flooring, or maybe even both. Independent comfort zones throughout the home, with dedicated thermostats, are one of the main highlights of having a hydronic home heating system powered by a boiler. Boilers can also provide heat through other means, including a variety of radiators, among other options.

Hot Water Heating Remodels & Upgrades in Golden

Runtal Panel RadiatorIf you’d like to upgrade your old hot water baseboards or radiators, we can help. A great time for this is when you’re remodeling the house, finishing a basement, or adding on to the home. This is a great opportunity to improve comfort levels and upgrade clunky old heaters that you’ve been trying not to look at for years. Among the proven, quality heat delivery options that are used by our customers are standard and high output baseboard heaters, radiant infloor tubing, a broad range of classic and modern style radiator products (incl. towel warmers!), and special application fan convectors. If circumstances allow, regardless of whether we’re adding on to an existing central boiler system or installing new equipment, each of these can often be setup as independent, thermostatically controlled heating zones.

Standard Efficiency Boilers

  • Efficiencies ranging from 83–85%
  • Basic and reliable design
  • Price conscious choice
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More basic installation

High Efficiency Boilers

  • Efficiencies ranging from 93–96%
  • Modulating gas output for most efficient performance
  • Eligible for rebates (when available)
  • Sealed combustion operation—uses outdoor air for the combustion process
  • Quiet operation
We Expertly Service All Brands!

Domestic Hot Water Heating Using Your Boiler

Superstor Ultra Indirect Water Heater - Save Home HeatA popular option with our customers is an indirect-fired water heater. Also known as a sidearm tank, an indirect water heater is a durable, well-insulated water heater that has a built-in high efficiency heat exchanger instead of burners and a flue pipe. Connected to an existing or new boiler as its own zone, an indirect-fired water heater gets its heat from the boiler, operating at the same efficiency and BTU input as the boiler. The result is very high hot water recovery rates, far outperforming standard gas and electric water heaters. The water heaters come with great warranties from very reputable manufacturers.

A different type of boiler design known as a ‘combination boiler’ offers another take on producing domestic hot water from a boiler. In addition to heating the home, a combo. boiler contains a special internal heat exchanger dedicated solely to producing hot water for regular household purposes. These unique boilers are good fit when floorspace is at a premium and hot water demand less not as consistent or significant.

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Highly Qualified Boiler Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement in Golden

Triangle Tube Solo Boiler Installation - Save Home Heat Denver Boulder COIf you are need of boiler repair or thorough, routine annual maintenance for your heating system, you can rely on our highly skilled and experienced plumbers at Save Home Heat Company. We have many years of experience servicing a wide range of boiler systems and related products, and you can rely on our expertise and strong commitment to quality and customer service to provide you with professional recommendations and advice that are focused on your best interests. If an existing boiler can be made to operate safely and reliably at a reasonable cost, and heating bills aren’t crushing your monthly budget, we’ll do everything we can to help you avoid a major equipment replacement investment.

Energy Star Most Efficient 2020 Logo - Save Home HeatIf you’re considering replacing your boiler, we can help you navigate the many factors that will ensure you get the right product and results you’re looking for. From how long you plan on staying in your current home, to your average heating costs, equipment service history, comfort considerations, even domestic hot water needs, and more, our team will work closely with you to find the best heating solutions for your home.

Master Plumber Logo - redFrom expert boiler installation, repair, and maintenances services, to trusted advice and professional recommendations, you can depend on Save Home Heat Company for exceptional results. Please contact our friendly, helpful team today for more information on any of our hot water heat products or services, to schedule a service call, or to obtain a free, no obligation, low-pressure install quote for your home in the Golden area.

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