Water-Conserving Toilets Ideal for Colorado Homes

April 18, 2021

Save Home Heat Blog - Water Conserving ToiletsIn our semi-arid climate here on the Colorado Front Range, and like many places around the U.S. and beyond, water is our most precious natural resource. When it comes to water consumption inside our homes, toilets happen to be the biggest user. We hope you’ll find this blog to be a helpful overview of the types of residential toilets sold in our market, highlighting some of the most popular design options available.

National and Local Water Usage Standards for Toilets

As discussed in our recent blog on current water usage standards for toilets, national code is currently a maximum of 1.6 gallons-per-flush (gpf). Colorado standards, on the other hand, follow the EPA-coordinated WaterSense program, which currently requires no more than a 1.28 gpf rating. In the case of dual flush toilets, the average of the two flush ratings must equal 1.28 gpf or less; for example, a 1.6/.8 rated toilet averages out to 1.2 gpf, which meets WaterSense guidelines. All toilets currently sold and installed in Colorado must be WaterSense certified and labeled as such. But don’t let the jumble of numbers get you down: a reputable, experienced residential plumber can help clear the mists and guide the way. In the Denver-Boulder area, you can turn to our team at Save Home Heat with confidence for accurate information, professional, low-pressure recommendations, and expert installation.

WaterSense EPA logoIn addition to very low water consumption, all of the toilets discussed here feature advanced flushing designs in order to be highly effective removing all types of waste while keeping the toilet bowl thoroughly clean – using less water in the process!

Single Flush Toilets

With a single flush toilet, the same volume of water is consumed every time you flush. As mentioned above, following WaterSense guidelines, Colorado code for single flush toilets is 1.28 gal./flush (or less), and 1.28 gpf rated single flush toilets are the most popular models that our team installs. 1.28 rated toilets are available from well-known manufacturers, with a variety of styles and optional accessories to choose from.
Ultra-efficient single flush models are also available, with a variety of 1.0 gpf rated products on the market ; 0.8 gpf single flush models are available from a smaller number of manufacturers.

Dual Flush Toilets

Dual Flush Toilet - Water Conservation - Save Home HeatDual flush toilets are most commonly operated by two buttons located on the top of the tank, with a larger button for solid waste and a smaller button for liquid. A two-position operator handle is another design often seen. The two different flush rates on these types of toilets are designed to accommodate what is being sent down the drain in the most water-efficient means possible, while still getting the job done properly.

The most popular dual flush toilets with our customers in the Denver-Boulder area are 1.28 gpf/.8 gpf rated. There are a variety of other dual flush toilets also available, including popular (but less efficient) models which have ratings of 1.6 gpf/.8 gpf. So long as the two gpf rating numbers average out to 1.28 or less, these units meet the WaterSense standards adopted by Colorado and an increasingly number of states in the past decade.

American Standard Save Home Heat

Denver-Boulder Toilet and Plumbing Expertise

Master Plumber Logo - redEven in homes with toilets made just a decade ago, before Colorado adopted more stringent water usage standards in 2014, switching to a toilet with a lower gpf rating can help you significantly reduce your home’s ‘water footprint,’ as well as save money on monthly utility bills. In fact, according to many sources, switching out a 1.6 gpf toilet to a 1.28 gpf model can reduce your annual household water consumption by up to 20 to 35%. Prior to 1994, national code for toilets allowed even more lavish amounts of water to go down the drain with every flush! (If your water comes from a well or a cistern system…well, need we say more?)
In the Denver-Boulder metro area, please reach out to our highly skilled and experienced plumbing team at Save Home Heat Company for professional toilet installation services, or for any of your home plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling needs.

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