December 9, 2023

Our Recommended PFAS Chemicals Water Filters

Concern about PFAS and other “forever chemicals” in our water supply and the short and long-term effects of ingestion or exposure to them continue to grow with homeowners and health experts. In a recent blog post, we looked at...

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September 18, 2023

What Are PFAS Chemicals in Water?

In the area of environmental and home quality of life and health, PFAS are a class of chemicals that’s worth learning more about. PFAS (pronounced PEE-FASS) chemicals have been around since the 1940s and unfortunately, they won’t go away...

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June 17, 2023

5 Plumbing Maintenance Checks We Tend to Forget

Plumbing is involved in so many aspects of having a smoothly running home. When we think of household plumbing systems, many of us think of water coming from kitchen and bathroom faucets, showers, supplying dish or clothes washers, or...

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September 9, 2022

Our Top-Selling Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Reverse osmosis water filters, also known as RO water filters, continue to grow in popularity with homeowners in the Denver-Boulder area, as well as around the country. Capable of filtering out a wide range of substances and contaminants found...

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